Designing Hospitality's most Renowned Guest Experiences

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Syer Hospitality Group helps clients compile research data within areas impacting the "Guest Experience". This research helps gain valuable insight into what factors influence their guest's behaviour and emotions. By means of this insight, a more compelling and memorable guest experience can be designed; helping drive both business results and guest loyalty. Founded on proven methodologies, our approach is strategic, focused and results driven; obtaining the research solutions clients can expect, value and trust. We utilize many proven techniques as a means to capture, compare and analyze our research data; deploying accordingly:

  • Focus Groups
  • Guest Satisfaction Surveys
  • Detailed Interviews
  • Quality Assurance Evaluations
  • Employee Consultations & Surveys
  • Panelling (both alpha consumer & like demographics)
  • Benchmarking

Each study is custom designed and conducted in a way to meet the needs and goals of a particular client. Our research efforts remain committed to achieving but one fundamental objective; help clients create a more compelling, unique & memorable "Guest Experience".