Designing Hospitality's most Renowned Guest Experiences

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Point of difference

The Syer Hospitality Group provides 'customized' Guest Service Evaluations (Mystery Shops) which offer our clients a truly superior point of difference when measuring. We are a unique identity in business to business solutions and quite unlike any of our competitors. There are many strategic differences by which our DNA is composed:

  • Our agents do not come from mystery shopping backgrounds with experience visiting drug stores, fast food, banks etc, but rather are selected from the various professions & positions that have frequented your establishment in the past — we therefore can provide our client's with a service evaluator who best mirrors their targeted customer's demographic & psychographic; our evaluators are your guests
  • We will provide greater focus and depth on the actual interaction between guest and staff; providing our clients with the service measurements that are critical to their success and among the most difficult of areas to evaluate — others tend to provide details on small carpet stains, tiny furniture scratches or other criteria that sometimes the client themselves could easily assess
  • Guest Experience assessments are performed by our in-house skilled and trained evaluators, it will never be outsourced — this allows us to organize and train within dedicated brand teams, where knowledge of the client's business, brand and standards can be best mastered
  • Others may talk about providing "customized" service reports however quite often this falls well short of their promises — we build truly customized solutions from start to finish ensuring that the quantifiable criteria which defines the client's competencies, service standards & brands promises are captured on the reporting and measured accordingly
  • All of our reports go further to analyze on the total guest experience when others tend to stray — commenting on the intuitive nature of the service provider, their attitude, willingness to assist, and the sincerity and warmth of the interaction (we call it measurement of the "human factor")
  • We operate more as a "boutique" service solution, our niche market is the "individual" or "regional" luxury branded property where we offer some of the most personable, flexible & cost efficient solutions possible, earning our clients trust one property at a time — we welcome the opportunity to work with people who share a similar vision with respect to surpassing guest expectations, maximizing guest retention, building guest advocacy and ultimately improving bottom line results
  • Our sole focus is Hospitality related businesses, we specialize and partner with clients exclusively from one industry, allowing us to converge the many years of hospitality experience we have ourselves into some of the most powerful solutions, resources and services possible — every day we speak, write, work, visit, and socialize with industry personnel enabling us to understand better than most others the changing needs and challenges of the industry.