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Theresa Syer

Theresa Syer

Theresa Syer's impressive career spans more than two decades and includes all aspects of hotel senior management. An unapologetic optimist, she inspires and empowers hospitality partners to make a personal guest experience in an effort to differentiate themselves from the competition.

A successful entrepreneur, Theresa is the founding partner of the Syer Hospitality Group Inc., leading experts in the Guest Experience. She is at the forefront and leading edge of her discipline. She is a catalyst in expanding leadership focus from the tactical issues of customer service to the much wider and strategic issue of the guest experience.

Recognized as the 'Master of the Guest Experience', she not only demonstrates the criticality of emotions in the guest experience but she also provides practical means by which to stimulate positive emotions from guests. Theresa is a leading consultant that helps hospitality partners differentiate themselves through superlative customer service and in deliver their brand through their people.

She works with the industry's most respected brands of hotels and resorts to perform Guest Experience Measurement and Customized Training Solutions. She works with clients to ensure they are creating a memorable guest experience for their guests that will have them coming back for more.

Theresa is also a professional speaker and proud member of both CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) and NSA (National Speakers Association). She has been a keynote speaker at some of the industry's leading educational conferences.

A former Director of Sales & Marketing with Sheraton Hotels, and Regional Director of Sales & Marketing for GGS Holdings Inc. (Hotel Management Co), her honours include Sheraton Canada's Sales & Marketing Award, Sheraton's Manager of the Year and numerous Adrian Advertising Awards from HSMAI (Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International). In addition, she was recognized with the prestigious Greater Hamilton Economic Development Lifetime Achievement Award.

Theresa's services and powerful message invigorates teams to shake off mediocrity, master the guest experience and out shine the competition!

Todd Syer

Todd Syer

Todd Syer is a Senior Principal of the Syer Hospitality Group Inc. He is responsible for the operational, financial and strategic management of the company. Through his vision and foresight, the company has grown to include a fully integrated breadth of service solutions, designed to provide hospitality clients with a more practical, cost efficient, ongoing approach to "Guest Experience Management".

Todd brings a wealth of experience and accomplishment to the company as a most respected Marketing leader. In his 25-year career, he has held senior management roles with such leading companies as Forzani Group Ltd and Eaton's. He has the proven experience of effectively managing businesses across all customer touch points, while achieving unparalleled results. Most recently he held the position of VP & Managing Director, Fila Canada Inc; a global marketer of elite, Italian, sportswear. His vision, strategies and passion for marketing, sales and service, brought the company back to double-digit growth and profitability. He returned Fila once again, to one of North America's most prestigious sports brands and influenced the marketing of the products throughout the globe.

Todd has been instrumental in transferring many of his Customer Experience Management strategies, pioneered in the sports and leisure markets, to hospitality. His approach has provided clients with new, innovative concepts to better differentiate themselves and help provide the unexpected to guests.

Todd consults clients through a powerful process of redefining and reinventing their businesses to own customers for life! With a strong dose of customer reality, he informs, focus's and energizes companies to deal with their most pressing issues and outstanding opportunities! He teaches bold, innovative, out-of-the-box strategies for keeping ahead of the changes, challenges and competition in today's marketplace. He is a highly diversified, skilled leader with management expertise in the areas of marketing, operations, sales & service, branding, franchising and quality assurance.

His approach goes far beyond traditional marketing and service strategies to better addresses the key role an organization's leaders must assume within "Customer Experience Management".