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Employment opportunities

Quality assurance agent

To supply our clients with the many unbiased "Guest Service" evaluations that are required, we periodically seek to grow our team of agents with individuals and/or couples that share a similar understanding and appreciation of quality services. If you have extensive luxury travel experience and from a guest's prospective, have acquired an above average knowledge and appreciation of travel, fine dining and upscale hotels, then working occasionally as a Quality Assurance agent may interest you.

Employment opportunities

Our independent agents, must have the ability to make fair, impartial, and accurate quality assessments of our client's services. Drawing from their own past experiences as guests, agents must be able to reflect back on similar brand experiences as a benchmark. Successful candidates will have a critical eye for detail, excellent memory, a proven ability to follow detailed instructions, and be tech savvy with the ability to quickly share electronic files/data with our office. Preference will be given to those applicants which have either held previous careers within the hospitality industry or business people in which their position required frequent luxury travel. Acting as an independent agent, exclusive to Syer Hospitality Group, you would be requested to act out the guest experience with our client's properties and anonymously evaluate their services first hand, while grading their performance levels. Please be advised that we work with a very small percentage of the applicants who contact us. For those successful candidates, we will provide further training, briefing and assistance to guide you through the quality assurance process and understanding of client service standards. Please send your resume with cover email to:

Careers — Join our team

With our continued growth, the Syer Hospitality Group is looking for talented individuals from the hospitality industry with backgrounds in training, leadership and facilitation. We are a business committed to assisting clients develop unique, memorable experiences for their guests. If you share a similar commitment and passion towards service excellence and feel you could bring a unique perspective to our clients; we would like to hear from you. Please send your resume with cover letter to: