Designing Hospitality's most Renowned Guest Experiences

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About us

Syer Hospitality Group Inc. (SHG) is one of North America's preeminent authorities of Guest Experience Management. Specializing & partnering with clients exclusively in Hospitality related industries to provide powerful solutions, resources and services. Through our Guest Experience consulting, training workshops, coaching, educational seminars or mystery shopping services, we develop renowned Guest experiences for our valued clients.

About us

SHG was formed in 1999, with offices in Oakville, Ontario by hotelier & twenty five year Hospitality veteran Theresa Syer. SHG was conceived purely out of the need for improved Guest Satisfaction within the industry as a means to better differentiate one company from the next amongst the market clutter. We strongly believe that developing a superior guest experience is among the most effective approaches possible, for companies to improve guest retention.

Today SHG is proud to have developed renowned guest Experiences for many of the industries most respected brands and guarantees our strategies to be highly effective and among the most flexible, expedient, and cost efficient available. We are a unique identity in business solutions; designed, servicing and existing exclusively for the Hospitality Industry.

Let us reinvent your Guest Experience!