Designing Hospitality's most Renowned Guest Experiences

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The Syer Hospitality Group

The Syer Hospitality Group is a leading authority in the consulting, training, and research of "Guest Experience Management" or GEM. Our sole focus and commitment is to hospitality related industries where we create, implement and maintain some of the most extraordinary Guest Experiences. We enable our clients to deliver a consistent, distinctive and memorable Guest Experience, as an effective means to differentiate themselves from their competitive set. Driving guest loyalty by simply providing solid levels of customer service will not work any longer; it is expected by your patrons. Hospitality companies must provide a unique and memorable guest experience to drive retention, loyalty and ultimately advocacy from their guests. We are proud to have developed renowned Guest Experiences for many of the industries most respected brands. We guarantee our strategies to be highly effective & among the most flexible, expedient, & cost efficient available. An investment into GEM is not only providing a superior means of guest retention, it's also securing your company's future and a better ROI.

You may have the very best structural building, outlets, furniture and fixtures, but it's really the quality of the experience that matters most to your guests. The Guest Experience is the only differentiator. Products, prices, people and technology are all so similar today. The meaningful things that guests remember over and above your property, such as the feel and perception of your establishment are delivered through the guest experience. It is therefore the Guest Experience that makes you different. By mastering the Guest Experience you will have a long term source of competitive advantage over your competition, gain loyal guests and ultimately increase profit margins.

About us

Defining the guest experience

In today's competitive work force, differentiating one's hotel structure and service solely on the traditional physical elements and service delivery are no longer enough to guarantee repeat business. Guests now demand to be 'wowed' every time they do business with you. You have to be able to differentiate yourself from the competition. Delivering a distinctive, memorable 'Guest Experience' is what we believe is the differentiator.

It is no secret that guests have an ever-present need to feel that they are valued. You have to demonstrate not only great service but more importantly gratifying human interaction. We believe this is the connection; when emotions are evoked and the guest experience is measured against intuitive moments of contact. This is the connection that is lacking in so many business interactions and yet is more essential than ever in creating a renowned 'Guest Experience'.

They say that the element of surprise and novelty are what jolt the attention of today's guests and create and experience that's memorable because it is so different from the expectation.

In order to be remembered by your guests and create their loyalty you have to earn a position in their mind. When great service is the sole area of serious competition then it is the Guest Experience that will differentiate you from others.